I am so, so, so, (repeat a thousand times), so sorry this is so late. I really don't have any excuse except for a few bouts of sickness that kept me away from the internet combined with the start of uni. Again, I'm really sorry that it's late.

Title: Parentals
Author: pencil gal
Characters: Rory Gilmore, Jess Mariano. Mentions of Lorelai Gilmore, Luke Danes, Chris Hayden and Liz Danes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,714 words
Summary: On a cold afternoon, in a tiny apartment, Rory and Jess talk about the parental figures in their lives. Set mid-S3.

A/N: Written for adinarj as a part of lit_ficathon. Prompt was: a missing scene from season 3 when they were dating. Something intimate (not necessarily physical, but I'm not opposed to it) and very them. A private moment between them that we never got to see onscreen. Something happy.

Moving his hands back to Rory’s waist, he asked, “So where were we?”
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I'm a little bit worried about the lack of stories due in on the 8th July.

I know that two authors have emailed me and explained that there stories, were not quite ready.

If anyone else is having a problem with th submission date can you reply in this post or email me as i'm eager to read some fascinating fiction.

Also you should read the entries we have already they deserve more comments i'm actually blown away at the moment :)




There is a few authors that do not have there fics ready due to illness and RL etc.

So i am extending the submission date to Monday 14th July, hopefully this will be okay
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Broken Record


Title: Lipstick Tourniquets
Author: rm_jackson 
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Jess/Rory
Genre: Angst/Romance
Beta Reader: lukecanwaltz88 
Summary: Part of him wanted to ignore their history and dash after her, scoop her up, and finalize a happy ending. But he had grown precarious and tart with age. His desire had yet to fade, but his means and motivation were long gone - just as she was.

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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


Title: Paramour du Jour
Author: xmeredithxgreyx
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Jess/Rory
Genre: Romance, General
Beta Reader: Keliana LeFey
Summary: Her upper lip quivers, she tries to quell the wave of nausea that rises up from her stomach. She feels like an intruder now, a home-wrecker, a wanton divorcée. Rory blinks, swallows. “Your daughter is very beautiful.”

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Sign Ups !!!!!!

Sign-ups: May 5 – May 19, 2008
Assignments given: May 26, 2008 GMT 3
Stories posted: July 8, 2008


1. All stories must be centered around Jess/Rory. Other ships are okay if they’re as a sideline kept in the background. As essentially this is a Rory/Jess ficathon
2.No character or ship bashing. At all.
3. Beta proof-read) is a must before you post your fic just to clear up any spelling or grammar errors.
4. All fics must be rated, and any with adult content must be clearly marked as such.
5. All fics must be at least 1,000 words long. There’s no maximum limit, so go crazy if you want... as long as you can get it finished in time. ;)
6. If for some reason you need to drop out of the ficathon, or if you feel that you won’t finish your fic on time, please let me know as soon as possible. So that we may arrange a back up writer if possible.
7. Most IMPORTANT this is a community to have fun and encourage those writers who actually take the time to envision this wonderful world of writing. Encouragement is a must i will tolerate flames anyone who i find is being derogative will be immediately banned.

Signing up:

Please fill out the following sign-up form and post it in the comments to this post if you would like to participate. Comments will be screened so that no one else can see them. You don’t need a Live Journal account to leave a comment.

Only one request per person, please. It’s up to you to decide whether to give a specific challenge (example: Rory and Jess get attend a reunion both with other partners etc) OR up to 4 specific things you want included in your story (example: Newspaper, kisses, an a koala). When asked what you will or will not write, please be as thorough as you can so that we can easily find a prompt that you can work with (example: friendship, adult, slash, secondary ships, etc).

What you will write:
What you will NOT write:
One challenge OR up to 4 specific things you want included in your story:
What you do NOT want in your story:
Are you willing to be a backup writer:

Okay have fun and any problems